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Villages Of Sally Creek Retirement Community
$130 Million New Development in Woodstock, Ontario

The former Oxford Regional Centre (West), in Woodstock is a 230 acre site that will house a planned retirement community to be known as the Villages of Sally Creek.

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The Villages of Sally Creek is named after the cold-water creek, which winds through the site. Sally Creek Environs Corporation President, Ralph Rodgers is proud to announce that the Brantford, Ontario based development corporation completed its purchase of the former Oxford Regional Centre Site (West) in Woodstock, Ontario, from the provincial government on Friday, October 29, 1999. Restoration Environmental Contractors will be the Project Managers for the Environmental Remediation for the site.

The development of this 230-acre property is covered with large mature trees and beautiful green areas, all the trees will be preserved during the new construction. Also located throughout the site are many heritage buildings, these heritage buildings will all be restored and renovated. This retirement community development will contain residential, institutional and neighbourhood commercial uses including detached and semi-detached homes, town homes, apartments and condominiums as well as a long-term health care centre including a retirement home, nursing home and cognitive care centre. Mr. Rodgers stated that the theory behind the development is to provide a continuum of care that will enable residents to age in a place according to their health and lifestyle requirements.

The site will be the subject of extensive environmental remediation, which began last week and is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2000. At that time site servicing and construction of the first phase of development will begin.

"We will benefit not just future residents of the site but Oxford County as a whole"
- Ralph Rodgers, The Villages of Sally Creek

Upon its completion, Mr. Rodgers stated that The Villages of Sally Creek is expected to be home to over 2,200 residents and will provide over 400-500 permanent jobs within the community. "We will benefit not just future residents of the site but Oxford County as a whole", said Mr. Rodgers.

"Restoration Environmental Contractors has completed over 6,000 environmental projects ... excellent Health & Safety Record ..."
- Sally Creek Environs Corporation

Sally Creek Environs Corporation announced today that it has "Awarded the Contract for Project Management of Environmental Remediation of the former Oxford Regional Centre (West) Site, Highway 59, Woodstock, Ontario to Restoration Environmental Contractors. The firm has offices in Markham and Brantford, Ontario. Environmental remediation work has already started on the site and is to be completed in May of 2000. Restoration Environmental Contractors has successfully completed over 6,000 environmental projects and has an excellent Health & Safety record and their reputation and client references are impeccable in the construction industry."

At that time servicing of the first phase of the continuum of care seniors community will commence with a view to completion of the first residential units by the fall of 2000. The first phse of the development will include detached and semi-detached dwellings, condominium apartments, a retirement home, nursing home and cognitive care centre as well as neighbourhood commercial and recreational facilities. Mr. Rodgers advised that plans are being made for a Presentation Centre on the site which will enable prospective residents to obtain further information above the development ot see first-hadn the plans for restoring and developing the site.

For further information call  Don Bremner of Restoration Environmental Contractors at (519) 755-0884.







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