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For Immediate Release                        Contact: Don Bremner

June 8, 2004
Head Office: (905)-888-0066
Fax: (905) 888-0071

Weyerhaeuser medium corrugated paper machine for sale to highest bidder + additional equipment

TORONTO, June 8/CNW/ - Restoration Environmental Contractors (REC) and REC Demolition are offering a “medium corrugated paper machine” to the highest bidder at the Weyerhaeuser Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Pulp and Paper Plant. Daily output is 300 tons/day in a 24-hour plant paper mill. Additional equipment is also offered to highest bidder.

Paper machine data:

Grades              112 & 127 Grams weight; corrugated medium

Production        145” trim, 1550 fpm max speed, 300 tpd at 127 grams Basis weight, actual trim and efficiency.

Stock Prep        Mill was 100% OCC; pulper has been transferred
to Pine Hill

Output              300 tons per day, 24-hour mill

Head box          GL&V Pressurized head box, 152” lip, All SS, (2) driven Holey rolls, Tapered inlet manifold.

Fourdrinier        SS Steel clad framing, (1) forming boards, 4 blades, VID 60” wide by 160” variable, 154” overall, (2) adjustable sections 12” wide each, Mfg: Thermo AES Canada, S/N: 4263-3, D-54188, (4) AES Vacuum breakers, (2) 6 blade gravity foils, (3) nine blade vacuum foils 34” wide each, (1) seven blade vacuum foil 26” wide, (1) 19 slice high vacuum box (9) 1” slots, (7) 3/4 “ slots, (5) 5/8 “ slots.

Couch Roll        Suction Couch with Couch roll, 26” diameter x 158” face, SS Shell Manufactured by Dominion.

Press Section    Dominion 1st press – suction pickup roll, suction press roll 26” diameter by 157” drilled face, 150 PLI loading against center roll, manufactured by Dominion
S/N: 535

Dryer Section    Main bank – 40 – 5’ diameter dryers, system pressure 65 PSI dryer rating 150 PSI

Scanner            ABB, 266” wide, 30” wide scanner head, Fincor 5200 A/C Controller, Model Smart Platform 700

Reel                 Black Clawson 36” diameter x 154” face; 60” diameter rolls (3) 14” x 150” spools

Winder             Cameron

Drive                Gear Driven (2) 250HP Reliance DC motors with gearbox
Couch roll drive 400HP DC
#1 & #2 Press roll drive: 200HP DC

Control             Operator interface – wet end, 1 ABB Master View, Dry End Operator interface 1 ABB Master View

                        Machine direction control is a ABB 1190-control system, ABB 1190-guage system with sensors at the size press Moisture and reel Weight and Moisture. CD control is done in the ABB system.

Additional equipment:

* Truck Dumper
* Water Tower
* Machine Shop Equipment
* Conveyors  Electrical – Motors, Transformers, Switchgear, Panels, Tech Cable
* Dust Collectors
* Air Handling Blower
* Lab Equipment
* Tanks – mild carbon and stainless steel
* Pumps
* Stainless Valves
* Gear Reducers
* Hydraulic Pumps and Tanks
* Reusable Rail Track, Switches and Stop Blocks
* Reusable and Scrap Plate and structural
* Truck Doors
* Lockers
* Washroom Equipment
* New 3/8” Steel Scrapping



Address: P.O. Box 746, 10 Stalwart Industrial Drive, Unit 5, Gormley, Ontario, Canada L0H 1G0

Restoration Environmental Contractors and REC Demolition are “The Experts in Building and Industrial Facility Decontamination” and operate throughout Canada and U.S.A. offering environmental abatement and demolition services including: removal of asbestos, lead, mould-mold and fungus, demolition and environmental cleaning of industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical facilities, removal of bird, bat and animal feces, infectious disease control in healthcare facilities.

Don Bremner is the Vice President & CEO of Restoration Environmental Contractors and REC Demolition and is also the President of Abcott Construction Ltd., Butler design builders and general contractors.

Restoration Environmental Contractors & REC Demolition are the Proud Owners of the Markham Waxers Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club, with over 60 years of Junior Hockey – Tradition, Heritage and Community. Over 100 players have gone on the success in the NHL!




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