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Lead Abatement and Demolition at Ford Of Canada St. Thomas Assembly Plant

A combined project management team developed and implemented a plan to remove and dismantle, demolish and successfully decontaminate the Lead Solder Booth Line at Ford of Canada St. Thomas Assembly Plant.

A custom built containment area of over 20,000 square feet was enclosed from floor to ceiling following Ontario Regulations Type 3 Operation Procedures and US-EPA Lead Abatement regulations.

The Lead Abatement and dismantling of the Lead Solder Booth Line was an extremely difficult Demolition and Environmental Decontamination project with a short window of opportunity, only 15 days from start to completion.

Restoration Environmental Contractors were retained by Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, Michigan and Ford of Canada) and referred to their Project Managers, Allied Uniking of Tennessee and BFC Industrial of Cambridge. Pinchin Environmental Consultants were the Environmental Consultants.

This Project was completed between June 29 and July 14, 2000 for over $430,000.00.








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